Walk 6 Netherton

Start Point Netherton
Type Circular
Distance 4Km- Some very gently climbs
Terrain – Mainly foot paths which can get soggy
Dog Friendly -1 stile with Dog Gate

Netherton Walk

Netherton Walk

This is a relatively flat walk that is confined to the lower aspects of the hill it takes in two sites of local interest. The Q site a WW2 decoy airfield which was used to confuse German Bombers away from Throckmorton airfield,and Chapel Farm, a working farm with a 12th century chapel with evidence of prehistoric settlement

On leaving the main road between Elmley Castle and Hinton  enter Netherton, after 400 Mtrs park in the parking area on your right opposite some stables and large farm buildings. (1) At the start of the walk there is an information board about Chapel farm, a further board giving information about the chapel and settlement is back up the road on your right after about 220mtrs, behind a hedge, your need to access through a field gate.

Please note the historic sites are on private property not open to the general public.

To begin the walk, walk with your back to the hill and the farm buildings on your left ,through the farm yard for approx 125mtrs. Continue straight on through the metal gate on the Bridal Way ignoring the footpaths to the left and right, there will be fields on either side of you.

(2) After a further 300 mtrs as before continue straight on through the metal gate and leave the tarmac path, with fields on either side of you. Follow this track for approx 800mtrs .Enjoy the views of the hill behind you and the open fields around you.

Until you come to a metal field gate in a hedgerow, turn left and after a few yard you will see a stile at on your right ( at about 1 O’clock ) (3) – Cross this stile and  over the stream, straight across the meadow and follow the path with the hedge on your left. (ignore the field gate) After 250 mts you will come to Smokey Lane with a house opposite, go through the gate, turn right and  shortly leave lane through a gate. Following the Bridal way straight ahead continue for approx 125 mtrs and as the path turns right you will be arrive at the Q decoy site with its small out building and description board. (4)

WW2 Decoy site near Bredon hill

Q decoy site near Bredon Hill

On continuing down a tree lined path you will enter a field, bear left along a line of very old pollarded willow trees, after just under 300mtrs you will come to a metal gate on your left, take the path through the gate and follow the bridleway across the field at the next gate pass through and continue straight across the field.Then again through the gate and continue across the field at angle to your right(45 degrees)to a gate at a junction of tracks. (6) Turn right and follow the path back to the farmyard, keep  on the tarmac track.