Walk 3 Great Comberton

Start: Great Comberton to the top of Bredon Hill
Type: Circular
Distance: 13Km- Some Moderate climbs

The walk begins beside the telephone box in Great Comberton.Walk up Church Street for about 240 mtrs and turn right to go through the churchyard; leave by a gate and continue to follow the path until you reach the road. Continue down the stem of the T-junction. In the dip find a stile on the left. Ascend two fields, with a stream on your left. After 100mtrs in the third field there is a signpost.

Turn right, initially beside trees. Soon a good farm track strikes across a meadow. Ahead is a perfect view of the Malvern Hills. Follow way markers for the next 1½ miles taking the gravel driveway beside Woollas Hall and skirting St Catherine’s Farm. Take a hard track, later tarmac, down into Bredon’s Norton. After the first few houses you reach a junction.

Keep ahead for 100 mtrs to another junction. Turn right if visiting St Giles’ Church; otherwise go ahead again, then round a left bend. Go into a field, to the right of two buildings – there’s a way marker on telegraph pole. Now follow an excellent track steadily upwards, through several gates, eventually swinging south east, for approx 1km. Less than 100mtrs beyond a single marker post reach a T-junction with ‘no right of way’ ahead.

Turn left. Soon go half right along a field edge, then right to walk along the wooded escarpment ridge, before open field leads to the triangulation pillar. Continue through the great fortifications and past an 18th-century tower called Parson’s Folly, Mr Parson having lived at nearby Kemerton. There’s a topograph here too. I could see Sugar Loaf, near Abergavenny, 49 miles (79km) away. Follow the escarpment eastwards. Pass a small plantation, then follow a wire fence, slightly descending, for over ¼ mile ), to a wood.

Don’t enter the wood; turn left, beside it. Within 150yds (137m), bend right to a junction. Turn left, down a green hollow. At Doctor’s Wood veer left to cross an oddly level field (note the absence of contours on the suggested map). Descend steeply through Cames Coomb, along a wide, well-horsed path. Briefly follow a level forestry road, then leave the trees, descending on a scalpings track for 400 mts ignore the paths at this point and walk a further 375 mts on the good track to find a path on the left, initially between two hedges.

Follow this path for 250 mtrs over then over a small hill the path will will bear right then left and will come to hard track – back into Great Comberton. Turn right to the telephone box.