Walk 2 Ashton Under Hill

Start: Ashton Under Hill
Type: Circular
Distance: 8 km – Some Moderate climbs

If driving, park in the main street somewhere near the church of St. Barbara, look out for the stone cross. The walk begins by walking up through the Church yard. Pass through a couple of kissing gates and you will enter a field. The path can be seen in the grass slightly to the right and uphill, follow this towards a large tree in the top right hand corner.

Map for Ashton Under Hill Walk

Ashton Under Hill Walk

A stile will become visible in the corner of the field, climb over this and up the steps to the road,(ignore the broken stile straight ahead) turn right for 20 yds and left over another stile. Follow the path uphill, passing the marker posts. You will have a view of the Vale of Evesham, Dumbleton Hill and Broadway Tower.

Go over a stile up a small bank and across a large flat field, until reach stile in a wire fence. Follow the footpath arrow over the field carrying over another stile. Follow the footpath arrow and head to the left over another stile in the left hand hedge and head uphill slightly to the right.

Walk uphill and through a large metal gate with a small pedestrian gate and keep going until you reach a post with a blue bridleway sign and the Wychavon way sign. Follow the arrows through the bushes, along the sunken track. You will reach a large wooden gate, go through and turn right with a stone wall on your right. Continue along this path passing through a couple of gateways and you will come to a place with trees on your right and a fence on your left. Continue to a four way junction in the path (bench on your right)and turn left through a large wooden gate.

There will be a wire fence on your left and a view of the communications tower to your right. Go through the next gate and continue with a wall on your left, trees on your right. When you reach a sharp turn continue on ahead straight through another gate. After you have past the last tree on your right there will be two gates set back on the left follow the arrow through the second one with the wall on your left.

Go through the metal gate and follow a well worn path as it sweeps across the field to the far corner. Go through another gate and follow the edge of the field. When you reach a stone track turn right and follow it as it winds down through the trees. Turn left the junction and follow the yellow arrow along the track. Turn right and walk past an stone barn before turning immediately left and go down into the field. Walk straight to the far side of this field to go through a kissing gate.

Go straight ahead and then turn slightly right around a small hill. Walk down to a metal kissing gate then follow the arrow, go through another stile and continue to go down the field, heading towards the left corner. Walk down past some large stones and then a post, passing the house on your left, go through the gate and up to the road. This is the village of Grafton.

Follow the road down hill through the village for 50 yards  past the telephone box turn left at the junction. Walk along the road until you come to a sharp right hand bend. Leave the road and follow the path across the field. After 200 yards cross the footbridge and follow the track for about 400yards . Go through the gate near the house cross the track and go through a gate a follow the path diagonally down the hill towards the church. Turn right through the church yard and back to the main road.